When small businesses shouldn’t use social media

Yes, it is a fact that Social Media is a newbie who attracted the lime light as quickly as a bunny. Everybody thinks social media is going to save their lives. Of course it does, but not ALL of them. Dear small business owners, it is not at all advisable for you to jump in with both feet when it comes to social media.

Agreed that social media is the best way to influence prospects that results in generating leads. But before deciding to get on with social media isn’t it important to have your target to-the point and design the campaign accordingly?


Why are you here? To engage people or to sell?

Well…you have to decide. Does engaging people and building relations help your business in any way? For a big business for which brand value is important, it does help them in many ways. Do you plan to expand your business? Aiming at going global? If you are not, it shouldn’t hurt to strike off that social media from your marketing list.

Do you have the time and resource?

This is something you MUST ponder over. If you don’t have enough staff strength to manage social media activities on a regular basis, and the time to invest in, this is just not going to work for you. Social Media has



the power to make or break your business. You make it if you are qualitatively present out there on a regular basis and break it if you are not. Social media might just consume all the time your staff has. For them, it becomes a hard row to hoe; frustrations, clashes and firings follow.

Your targets…Are they here?

This is a very important factor to consider. What are the demographics of your target? Are they internet users? Actively or atleast passively present on social media?DO a proper study before you reach a conclusion.

Better ways to increase your ROI

Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Paid ads might just work wonders for you. With a small budget and less time, you will make it up there. Don’t worry you don’t have an awesome number of followers or friends. Is your business meant for that? Come on; get on to make some good ROI.


Understand your own business, research, analyze. Before you take a decision, do these to know if whatever I mentioned above relates to your business or not. Because, if they don’t, then social media would be just the right medium to market your business.

Do you agree with me? Let me know. If you have more to add, please feel free to leave it in the comment box.

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