Twitter Poked Again, Apple Inc Acquires Social Analytics Giant Topsy

All leading tech magazines, corporate journals and industrial news surely see Apple Inc. as their most favored child. Be it Apple’s innovation, its elite technology or its lifestyle products; all have gained mammoth applause and recognition from consumers across the world. However Apple never does this alone; it has followed a pattern of investing heavy stakes on smaller and medium scale tech firms. Doing this allows Apple to use new and unique ideas for its long run product benefits. Apple is in news again and this time for bagging the biggest social media deals of all time with the social analytic firm Topsy Labs Inc. The deal amounts for booty of more than $200 million.

Topsy a former Twitter partner is known for its expertise on analyzing global conversions for the social media site. Topsy made news with “Fire-hose”, the service through which Topsy accessed bulk array of tweets happening since the year 2006. Average Tweet counts if done today accounts for 500 million tweets per day. Topsy also allowed tracking tweets via their geographical locations, becoming the first one to offer such facility. As of now new goals for Topsy are still in dark but Industry experts predict that Topsy insights can prove gold mine for Apple’s music tool the iTunes media store and its advertising platform called the iAd. Topsy can even help Apple supervise the social-media buzz happening for its consumer products.

Topsy can also be used to enhance features on an iPhone or an iPad. It can readily revive Apple’s Siri voice assistant program which runs over an iPhone and an iPad.  The experts even see the Topsy deal as an act of Apple to cover its previous failures to gain attention of the social-media world. Recently Apple had to close down its music sharing service called “Ping” because it never really matched the users’ expectations and received negative response on social platforms. But Apple seems to be optimistic and is keenly interested in gaining some serious social flux. Hence acquiring Topsy is considered as a major leap for Apple in the world of social-media.

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