Twitter-Google deal: What does it signal?

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It is official that Twitter has cut a deal with Google to give access to its full stream of tweets. The news was announced on Tuesday, last week by the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo.

By giving access to its firehose, Twitter gets a farther reach to users who are not yet on their site. With the content being served to users for their search queries on Google, twitter has a tremendous scope of penetrating geographic areas where the micro-blogging site is still unpopular.

For SEO’s it’s not the time yet to tighten their belts as Costolo mentioned  that it would take “several months” to launch tweets in Google search.

With the deal, the seamless interconnection between search and social becomes more apparent.  Digital marketing specialists will have to align SEO and social content strategies to leverage both the platforms. Social strategies as a whole and the tone of voice will have to be revisited to serve the added purpose. The tie-up gives brands an opportunity for a higher visibility online; hence it becomes significant to have more content that are worthy to appear in search results.

It is also predicted that Google will display more of social content along with news articles. How does Google benefit from this? Google has always strived to do their best in giving relevant answers for search queries. Twitter is a good source of timely content and Google will continue to satisfy its users with timely news based content.

With this deal and many more to come, search and social space is getting better and challenging.

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