4 Digital Marketing Follies that should be avoided at any cost

Digital marketing can be considered as an opportunity as well as a problem. Every company dreams of gaining the most no. of likes and comments on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, hits on YouTube, a mobile app of their company and being deluged by visitors on their website. Why do most companies do a poor job in marketing themselves online and end up doing more harm than good?

Mistakes happen in every field… but try to avoid the following mistakes of digital marketing that can literally ruin the organization in the long run:

1. Emphasizing on Selling rather than Engaging

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Mobile search: How to ensure maximum visibility with site optimization

You don’t need a statistics to understand how the use of smart-phones is growing like weeds. Just count the number of people in your immediate circle of family and friends who have possessed a new smart phone in the gone months. And how many of them still use their desktops to search for the nearest pizza delivery or to book a movie? Very few?

Now is the perfect time to re-energize your website with the ‘mobile-gen’ styling and run the ‘optimization’ race with the others. This journey can be challenging, yet interesting. If you are on your way to optimize your site for mobile search, these are the nine things you must be aware of:

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Is your website running like a turtle?

There is no debate over the fact that Digital Marketing can take your website places. Digital marketing can make your website/business a global brand, it can get you top ranking on search engine results which in turn gives you big profits. But, all the time and money you invest in digital marketing can go down the drain if you do not have a speedy website. There is nothing to worry if your website acts like a turtle once in a blue moon, but being so always is going to be a trouble.


Why is your website slow?

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Penguin 2.0 updates: Why should “BIG B” care about it?

With the Penguin 2.0 update many Big Brand kings on the internet are losing their crowns of being consistently on the first page of Google. Many have faced this with Penguin 1.0 updates. For a lot of them, it was not an easy task to replace the poor quality inbound links with quality, content-led inbound links to please Google. And now it has evolved into a bigger monster.


Image :http://www.newswhip.com/MoreInfo/Google-Penguin-20–premiers-chiffres-mes/50987416

What does Penguin 2.0 do? 

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When small businesses shouldn’t use social media

Yes, it is a fact that Social Media is a newbie who attracted the lime light as quickly as a bunny. Everybody thinks social media is going to save their lives. Of course it does, but not ALL of them. Dear small business owners, it is not at all advisable for you to jump in with both feet when it comes to social media.

Agreed that social media is the best way to influence prospects that results in generating leads. But before deciding to get on with social media isn’t it important to have your target to-the point and design the campaign accordingly?


Why are you here? To engage people or to sell?

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Online Branding Ideas for Celebrities

Shakira is the leading artist on facebook with more than 60 million fans, Obama- the leading politician with more than 35 million fans and Will Smith- the leading actor with more than 43 million fans. Well, to compete with them is a tough task. But to join them on social media platforms is easy.

The reason you should be on the Social Media forums

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How to Fulfill the Commitment Called Social Media in Business

More than a technique, it is fun to use social media for businesses. But this fun comes with a baggage of responsibilities. Social Media is a platform that requires high amount of commitment as it demands efficient monitoring and a lot of patience.

Why is Commitment so Important in Social Media

A fairly popular clothing brand based in Mumbai started a Facebook page with much flamboyance. Within months, it gained good amount of likes and followings. One fine day, their posts stopped hitting the newsfeeds. Being closely associated with the management of the team, when enquired about their sudden retrieval from the facebook limelight, I was told, “Oh yes. The girl who manages the page has quit the job due to personal reasons and now we are looking out for someone,” and thus the page was orphaned! This might sound silly. But always remember, such an instance can ruin your brand image badly.

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