Legacy contact answers “what happens to my facebook account when I die?”

Facebook has added one more feather to its awesomeness cap. The social networking site is now giving users an option to decide what happens to their facebook accounts when they bid goodbye to this life. The feature is named “legacy contact” and it appears in the Security settings menu. You will be able to choose a facebook friend who will be able to change your header image and profile when you die. Users can also choose to have your account deleted when they die.

Though not popular, facebook already have a system in place where users could let the site know a user is no more. Facebook verifies the news through possible sources such as obituaries and news articles and memorialize the account thereafter. Memorialized facebook account does not pop up in suggestions, advertisements or other public places on the networking site.

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The memorialization process is taken a step ahead with the new legacy contact feature. Legacy contact will be able to respond to friend requests, pin posts on a page and change the header image and the profile of an account. They also have the freedom to download the user’s photos and posts as an archive, if they were given permission by the real account holder. However, legacy contacts do not have an option to view messages or change the account settings.

Facebook will soon change the appearance of memorialized accounts; it will have a label that reads “remembering” so that the other users will know the real account holder has passed away. This will help friends and family to manage their loved one’s accounts even after they bid goodbye to this life.

The legacy contact setting which is rolled out in the US now will be accessible for others too in the near future.

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