Google Aims at Helping Small Businesses with New Panda Update

Google Panda was initially launched in February 2011 as Google’s algorithmic response to poor quality and duplicated content sites which had gained high rankings in the search results.

New Panda Update

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Due to this Panda algorithm the small businesses were particularly the most affected. It greatly decreased their search visibility when compared to larger or well-known brand sites which Google seemed to favor more. One such example is for product related searches where sites like eBay and Amazon or other large retailers dominate the search results and smaller sites from the same niche can’t compete even if they offer good prices or better services.

As it can be seen, many small websites have been negatively impacted due to Google Panda.  However, it is expected that this Panda update would give small businesses some boost in the rankings.

This is not the first time Google is working on a Panda update. Google had a softer update to the Panda algorithm sometime in July last year.

Till now, there’s no word on when we might get to see this Panda update, as Google is currently working on it. However, it is likely to be live within the next few months.

So tell us what you think about the Google Panda algorithm change. Will a ‘softer’ Google Panda help small businesses rank better?

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