Google launches YouTube for Kids: It cannot get any better!

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YouTube for kids will serve content that is appropriate for kids


Now that’s another revolution from Google. The search giant launched a children’s version of YouTube, which free and has a child-friendly interface. What could be more exciting for the parents of You-Tube-loving children!

Even though the news was reported in March 2014, Google confirmed the creation of the app only in December. The App was launched yesterday and is available only on android devices at the moment.

YouTube for Kids features eight video options on the home-screen, all from popular kids TV shows and other popular recommendations for kids. The app exists as a separate entity from the original you Tube.

Children can either search for videos using their voice or by typing. If the child types an inappropriate word like “sex,” he is suggested to “try again.”

You Tube Kids app users can browse playlists and channels in four categories: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore. The web giant is affirmative that the app that targets kids who are 12 years and younger will feed the curiosity of their young audience.

Reasons why we think YouTube for Kids is better than YouTube

The interface is super cool

Unlike the silent interface of YouTube, the Kids’ version is accentuated with happy music and sound effects.

Content is what matters

All the social media platforms have now become so obsessed with numbers and popularity. You Tube for Kids does not show the view counts. All that matters is the video, not how many people have seen it!

No howl for subscribes

“Click the below link to subscribe,” “don’t forget to subscribe,” “subscribe to know what happens next”….there’s a lot of hue and cry for subscribes on YouTube. YouTube for Kids does not promote such pandering. As the app grows and content overflows, the scene could change, until then, it is worth enjoying this blissful place.

No comments!

You heard it right; there are no comments on YouTube Kids. The comment section is often the one that even adults agree to disagree with! Some people apparently find satisfaction in using inappropriate words in the comments; not for kids, Google has decided.

Parental Control

It has an adorable parental control system, which is seemingly difficult for kids to crack. Parents can set the time for video viewing for their children. This indeed helps in monitoring them without much fuss.

There is lot to wait and watch as the app grows up. As with many other platforms, Google would certainly bring changes and updates in the new-born YouTube Kids app as well.


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