Why Use Classical When Universal Analytics Can Be A Better Guide

Are you still using your classical Analytics account? If so, now is an ideal time for you to lift yourself from the classical era and delve into a completely fresh and new version of Analytics. After doing a thorough research and experimentation on an innovative customer-tracking algorithm, Google has finally decided to implement it over a renewed version of Analytics meant for the internet users. Google calls this modified version as Universal Google Analytics.

What the new version offers you?

Of-course the new version allows you to keep a track on your customers and website visitors, something which you got even from the classical analytics. But just imagine having your account with colored icons, proportionate fonts and superior text formats. This is what universal analytics has on cards for you. Say good bye to the dull and old fashioned dashboard and side navigation options. The new version gets your dashboard and side navigation bars a new look along with new some advanced options. Today along with desktops, people use mobile devices for surfing the internet. These devices may range from Laptops, tablet-PCs, PDAs etc. The Management Protocol API used by Universal Analytics allow you to inspect the traffic which may come from mixed platforms be it Windows, Android, iOS, gaming consoles, kindles, you name it.

What ad-ons can it offer you?        

Universal analytics has got some advanced features which cannot be found in a classical version.

These are mentioned below:-

  1. Permits search engine prioritization:- Visitors turning up on your website by using the default search engines are recognized as organic traffic.  The new Analytics allow you to know how your website attracts the organic traffic. It even helps you prepare customized web-traffic reports.

  2. Alteration of length for campaigns and the user sessions:– With the new version you can alter the length of your campaigns and even amend the user sessions for your website. Ideally user sessions for any website spans for 30 minutes, but you may increase or decrease the level according to your requirement.

  3. Regulation of the referral data:- You can manually prevent certain external domains from being considered as referral traffic.

  4. Customize search terms:- New version allows you to know the list of Keywords which the users enter in the search engine to fetch your website. Accordingly you can choose the keywords which may help you gain sufficient traffic.

  5. Define accurate measurement matrix:The new tool helps you define a precise matrix for the purpose of traffic measurement. It helps you get a proper performance report on your website. Doing this can help you in taking much needed decisions for growing your online business.

The perfect time to upgrade

There are bright chances for Google to upgrade your classical Analytics account automatically because it is pretty much keen on turning Universal Analytics into a standard format. Google follows a definite timeline for getting the upgrade procedures rolling. Such timelines make progress phase by phase. At the moment Google’s timeline is in its first phase. If you desire for a manual upgrade, you need to acknowledge that your account may not upgrade under certain circumstances.

  • If you have plans to run re-marketing campaigns.
  • If you need Google display network impression reporting.
  • If you need a Double click campaign manager reporting.
  • If you need Google Analytics demographics and interest reports.

All the above mentioned features require the use of dc.JavaScript library. At the moment this library is not supported by Universal Analytics and you need to wait till Google reaches its third phase of timeline. However be rest assured because once you decide to upgrade yourself to the new version, all your data present on your previous account stays intact and is not lost. So you can access your old data as and when you require.  SEO in India has undergone several changes and will continue this trend to provide better service to its users.

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