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Google Analytics on IE8 will soon be a history

“To focus on supporting modern browsers, we are deprecating official compatibility of Google Analytics with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) at the end of 2013” posted Google on its Google Analytics official blog

Google explained that this decision is to speed up the pace of incorporating new features on Analytics and to enable the use of most modern web technologies in the Google Analytics product design. Google is aiming at enhancing the user experience to the most, and explains that by withdrawing support for IE it will not stop measuring traffic from Internet Explorer 8 browser to the websites. This is an important point to note, as IE8 continues to be the most widely used browser in the world. Windows XP users do not have an option to upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft browser and this is the major factor that has resulted in the wide use of IE8.

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New addition to Adwords: Paid and Organic reports

Google recently announced a praise-worthy report that will let the digital marketers to optimize and analyze organic and paid search traffic in Adwords. Thus SEO and PPC reports now come on one platter wherein you need not go to Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools to check them separately.

Adwords blog states that with the new paid & organic reports addition, marketers can discover additional keyword, optimize presence on high value queries and measure the changes holistically. i.e,

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Google honors good reads with in-depth articles feature

Google has always loved good content. In the beginning of this month, Google rolled out its new “in-depth articles” feature, aiming at providing a good reading experience for users who are interested in an indepth read about certain topics. “Our research indicates perhaps 10% of people’s daily information needs fit this category,” mentioned Pandu Nayak, the member of technical staff who declared the launch of this new feature on Google’s official blog.

The blog displays the following image as an example of the block that would soon appear on Google Search results:

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New AdWords Keyword Planner: A Time Saving Substitute to Keyword Tools

Google’s recently launched AdWords Keyword Planner replaces the AdWords Keyword tool by drastically changing the way keyword research is done for paid search marketing. The new keyword planner simplifies the whole process of keyword research thus making the paid search marketers’ lives much easier.

AdWords Keyword Planner’s heart lies in keyword volume, which is important to both paid and organic search. The Keyword tool was based on a single interface to accept and return keyword data and the choices that the keyword planner gives to marketers are as follows:


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New Google Maps app for iPod and iPhone open to all now!

“The new Google Maps app for iPhone & iPad is rolling out now,” tweeted Google few hours ago. Though this was initially available only to a selected group of users via e-mail invite, now it is open to all and can be tried without an email invite. You will be able to try it out by visiting this

While the business listings were formerly separated with a column, now the map fills the browser screen and the business listings appear right on the map. The high resolution screen gives an immersing look to the features like Street View.

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