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Is content marketing the new avatar of SEO?

True digital marketing professionals will definitely be aware of the fact that both content marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two different sides of the same coin. Both are key players in a successful online marketing strategy. SEO can’t take place without content be optimized, like how it was 5 years ago.

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Street Smartness in Guest Blogging Can Pull Your Website Down

Google today is a major search giant because of its “user-centric” approach, chiefly when it comes to functioning of its patented search engine. Google tries hard to provide quality results and get relevant information for its worldwide users. Hence it regularly has to make changes to its search algorithm causing unrest to both, the SEO community and webmasters across the world. Anyone acting smart with Google is wacked either with a Penguin, a Panda or the very new Hummingbird update.

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Did you hear it? Google grows its appetite for content!

After gripping its noose over spamming and link quality Google has grown its appetite for words. Brief articles are slowly dying in their impact as Google now favors a deep topic research. It shouldn’t surprise you since Google is super quick in rolling out new updates with quick succession. The year saw Google taking some big leaps with Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates that penalized webmasters practicing black-hat tricks to climb higher on SERP results.

Google’s Hummingbird has made content quality all the more important. You must try and create more informative content; in-depth articles are in buzz at the moment, hence do thorough research and see to it that you cover different perspectives of a topic. Doing this helps you write more; but always keep in mind that your prime intention is not just adding words but sharing proper information.


Focus on writing in-depth articles, to rank better on Google

Writing and promoting quality content will keep your work evergreen and people will refer your write-up whenever they require. Now how much are you supposed to write? Ideally your article must have at least 2000 words. Did that make your head spin? Writing this big is definitely not an easy job but once done Google shall surely reward your effort with higher SERP rankings.

Once you come up with an article, you should emphasize on optimizing it. For this, work on developing good article marketing strategy. Titles you choose play a key role; hence use catchy title for your article. Mention the date you published your article and don’t forget to give every paragraph a good sub-title. Incorporate descriptive images and add a proper summary at the end.

Now that’s lot of work for you to handle but once you make sure that all above activities are done, your article will turn more appealing and will stay on Google’s radar. Your efforts shall count, no doubt.

Content optimization: Are you between the devil and the deep blue sea?

Are you in a dilemma whether you should write for the search engine or the user? Are you haunted by the fact that content is “king” and without just the perfect content, you are not going to make it anywhere on Search Engines’ top rankings? Well then, read on, as this might prove to be a bit of relief to your creative intellect.

3 important factors to consider

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6 Latest Tips for Effective Content Distribution

Is content distribution an onerous activity? Well, it is not. But unfortunately, many content promoters consider it to be so. Once any content is uploaded online, they expect it to get mammoth hits, social fanfare and instant web flux.  Ironically, they spend less time promoting the content. If you are in the same boat as many others, then read on to find some latest tips that will help you with effective content distribution:

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