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A click can change the world: Social Media the new form of protest

Those who regularly follow the news are well aware of the recent protests over the upcoming Sanjay Leela Bhansali production, Padmavati. The scale and magnitude of the protests have reached such intense criticisms that the ripples of the aftermath are felt throughout the country.

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Think About What the User is Going to Type

Wooing Google is more difficult than wooing an impassive sweetheart. You have to be on your feet with your catchphrases or the whole venture might turn out to be an unrequited love.

Just think of the disappointment you then have to face. For your blog or website to be crawled by Google, the content that goes in has to have certain keywords that your users usually type in to conduct a Google search. So, it is in your best interest that you put in that extra effort to think about what the user is going to type.


Now imagine that your user has entered an extensive library and the book that they are looking for is not referenced. How do you they that the library has it? And if they are never going to get their hands on it, how do they know what’s inside? The presence of the book makes no difference to them and they happily go on living, completely ignorant of the value the book might have created for them. You (your website/blog) are the book in the story and unless you have a high ranking on Google your presence is as good as your absence.

How to adequately optimize your website content?

Creating SEO friendly content is no rocket-science but experts will tell you that there are rules to play the game. Google will always be several steps ahead of you. Stuff your content overtly with keywords and it will smell the fish from far away. Do it less than optimal and the tricky Google crawlers (software used to find and reference websites) will conveniently look past your web page.

Weaving neat, well-optimized SEO content is as actually as much art as it is science. There are a couple of sweet spots, and they are your headers and sub-headers. Using relevant keywords there does not only help you enhance keyword saturation bit also gives your reader a fair idea of what your content is about.

Adorn your content carefully with clandestine keywords but don’t stuff them together. Spread them evenly, like butter on your bread, and lure Google with a greasy charm to better rank your website. As far as the keyword density is concerned, it should be between 1 to 2 percent of the total word length. This is to say that you can use 5-10 keywords in 500-word content.

To sum it up, keep your user at the centre of your SEO strategy and adjust your content to the little tips and tricks, and watch Google fall for your advances. Nothing makes you feel better when Google pampers you back with a top ranking in its search results, trust me on this.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic without Ads

Are you doing the social media promotions after listening to its hype? Do you feel lost in the maze of analyzing the responses? Are you too young a start-up to invest in paid advertisements? Don’t let your ambitions let loose for such a tiny milestone in your pathway. Paid ads are not the only form of generating traffic on your websites; it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is an assortment of tips to win big by creating social media traffic without spending a penny.

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5 reasons Every Business needs a Digital Marketing strategy


In that phase where you have worked your fingers to bones but you end up with no considerable after effect. You would linger around thoughts in order to understand, what is it that went wrong? What did you miss out on during the execution? Hold your thoughts; let us help to pull you out of the puzzler. Unless obligations and targets are made,
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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017


The digital marketing world has become more volatile than ever. Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a phenomenal change in the way organisations interact with their target audience and market their brands. The constant advancement in the technology, coupled with the increasing number of internet users every year, the digital world has become an extremely maddening place. Not only is it evolving, it is evolving at a skyrocketing pace!

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Google launches YouTube for Kids: It cannot get any better!

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YouTube for kids will serve content that is appropriate for kids


Now that’s another revolution from Google. The search giant launched a children’s version of YouTube, which free and has a child-friendly interface. What could be more exciting for the parents of You-Tube-loving children!

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AdWords call-only campaign: A new reason for mobile marketers to rejoice

AdWords now has a new ad unit that makes mobile ad creation much easier. This is catered towards mobile marketers who are looking for “calls” as conversions. The best part about the feature is the ease in using it while creating an ad. Users can choose “call-only” ad type from the drop down at “create ads.”


With the new option, you can bid for phone call clicks while otherwise you have to bid for clicks to your website. Instead of taking the user to the landing page, user is directed to their dial pad on clicking the ad. The “call-only” unit appears when you opt for “search network only” type. The ad hence appears on Google Search and partner networks; however you have an option to opt out the latter.

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5 Top Penguin Algorithm Myths Busted!

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Algorithms and penalties have always been the nightmares for SEOs. Certain myths about them make it a jigsaw puzzle that is difficult to solve. Here we list 5 top myths about penguin algorithm. Pay attention, you may also find traces of how to go about dealing with the Algorithm as you read on.

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Legacy contact answers “what happens to my facebook account when I die?”

Facebook has added one more feather to its awesomeness cap. The social networking site is now giving users an option to decide what happens to their facebook accounts when they bid goodbye to this life. The feature is named “legacy contact” and it appears in the Security settings menu. You will be able to choose a facebook friend who will be able to change your header image and profile when you die. Users can also choose to have your account deleted when they die.

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