Attention SEOs: Pagerank Toolbar Can No Longer Be Ignored

After staying inert for almost ten months, Google Toolbar has recently made revisions to its Page Rank value. This move has got mix response from webmasters around the world. Especially because comments and views shared on social media by Google experts revealed that the search giant was in no mood to have any Toolbar alterations for this year. And if they were to happen, they would happen by the coming New Year.

Right from start, Google has helped the internet users track relevance of a webpage by allowing them a glimpse over its page rank. Google made this possible through its iconic toolbar. Ironically page rank lost its appeal, especially when Google didn’t pay heed to add changes over its page rank. It didn’t even extend its support to other browsers for displaying page rank. This made many webmasters and website managers to think that Google’s page rank is currently in an inactive state. Google has last updated its page rank way back in Feb 2013.

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The latest page rank update will surely be a tough nut to crack for webmasters. Promotional skills will be tested since Google now keenly stresses upon getting appropriate results for its searchers. Now it’s imperative for webmasters to link with high page rank websites, build and sustain high quality back-links and regularly develop, share and promote fresh and unique content.

Under current scenario, having a better page rank would surely benefit the rankings and get positive signals to websites and blogs. But this is only possible if all the above mentioned activities are exercised repeatedly by the webmasters. With time the arena of search marketing has undergone many changes making digital promotions all the more complex.

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