What Amazon Must Learn from Flipkart’s Flop Show?

Flipkart-Big Billion Day

The Big Billion Day, touted as “India’s biggest ever sale” by Flipkart, turned out to be a major embarrassment as most of its customers were left stranded midway with incomplete transactions and out-of-stock messages, provoking a tsunami of negative feedback flooding social networks and consumer forums belittling the Indian ecommerce sensation before its competitors.

Although, the Big Billion Day initiative was a remarkable move by Flipkart to cash in on the purchasing power of the Indian online community, it was planned and executed with little or no planning or foresight. The customers who have been crossing the days on their calendars, waiting for the big day were left dejected as most of the offers and discounts disappeared within a minute after 8 am. Among the few fortunate ones who could get the products in their shopping cart, many were in for transactions that were never going to be successful. With money held up midway and no receipt of transaction, many felt cheated by the ecommerce giant.

Flipkart, which saw the biggest sale ever achieved this feat at the cost of its reputation as the favourite ecommerce destination of India. They were certainly unprepared to handle the flood of online traffic from India’s one billion-strong online community. Now we are all eyes for the upcoming grand day on Amazon. in. Users are on their knees praying that they do not repeat the same blunders of Flipkart. Here are a few things Amazon must learn from Flipkart’s flop show:

Prepare well in advance for the Billion-strong online stampede

It is a good idea to capitalize on the buying capacity of the Indian online market, but do so only if you are absolutely sure that your systems can handle the e-stampede of heavy online traffic and transactions from Indian consumers. If you lose sight of customer experience in the thrill of the big sale, it will backfire with a fall in reputation and customer satisfaction just like Flipkart.

Advertise Honestly

Flipkart and Snapdeal has spent over 100 crore rupees on advertisements against each other for the big day, but hardly felt the need to be honest to the target audience. If you are indeed offering an unusual value for money, be honest about the limitations and the numbers available, so that the customers don’t feel cheated when they miss the deals.

Offering discounts on Inflated Original Prices is a Big no-no

Do not try to trick the customers with discounts on inflated original prices, because sooner or later they will find out about the blunder one way or the other. You may successfully get the customers believe the discounts and make them purchase the products, but eventually it can cost you your online reputation.

Have more stuff on your shelves

When you are preparing for a billion customers, it is only logical to have more pieces on your shelves. Include more products at discounted prices, so that there will be more satisfied customers with positive feedbacks on the sale day.

Are you already thrilled for the upcoming Diwali Dhamaka sale on Amazon? Let us know your experience. If you have more tips for ecommerce websites to improve their online purchase experience, do share with us!

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