AdWords call-only campaign: A new reason for mobile marketers to rejoice

AdWords now has a new ad unit that makes mobile ad creation much easier. This is catered towards mobile marketers who are looking for “calls” as conversions. The best part about the feature is the ease in using it while creating an ad. Users can choose “call-only” ad type from the drop down at “create ads.”


With the new option, you can bid for phone call clicks while otherwise you have to bid for clicks to your website. Instead of taking the user to the landing page, user is directed to their dial pad on clicking the ad. The “call-only” unit appears when you opt for “search network only” type. The ad hence appears on Google Search and partner networks; however you have an option to opt out the latter.

How is call-only campaign different from call-only extension?

Call-only extension allows you to choose a preferred device for ads. But it doesn’t ensure that your ads will be shown only on mobiles. While percentage of ads appearing on mobiles will be higher, there are still possibilities for them to appear on desktops. With call-only campaign, your ads will appear only on a device on which phone calls can be made.


If you are already using call-only extension, it is recommended that it is continued along with new call-only ad campaigns. Once you start getting conversions from the new ad campaign, the earlier ads can be paused.

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