5 Tips for Increasing Your Business Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site unlike Facebook, Twitter and other such sites which are social media networks. It is a platform for engaging with other professionals socially and not broadcasting your marketing message.

While using LinkedIn with the aim of increasing business connections it is better to focus on meaningful engagement and conversation with the like-minded people or businesses rather than brand boasting.

It is impossible to engage with the entire LinkedIn community as there are new professionals joining this network every second. For this reason one should join groups related to their business which can help in meeting like-minded people at one place.


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There are few steps one should follow for making proper business connections through LinkedIn. These steps can be followed by any organization or one can even consult providers of Social Media. This way you can get professional help for improving your company’s reach by using LinkedIn.

1. Connect, do not market:

For building business connections your goal should be creating personal relationships on LinkedIn. This would be time consuming and require special efforts. You should create a one-to-one conversation with other professionals rather than broadcasting a common marketing message across the whole network.

2. Connecting with clients:

There would be many people from your organization with whom you would be connected. Use their connections to find potential clients. Learn about the potential clients and try connecting with them.

3. Sharing Accomplishments:

Brand boasting should be avoided at all costs. However using LinkedIn one can get access to all the information about the company’s accomplishments. For example, participation in community services, team breaking a record or any such activity which would show high standards of your organization. This would create a positive impact on prospective job seekers, clients and your employees as well.

4. Discussions on LinkedIn:

The groups in which you are a member play an important role in improving your reach to other people. Participate in the discussions going on in the group by providing valuable and useful comments. Ask your own questions and get in touch with people who are interacting with you. This way you can increase your circle.

5. Be active:

Working for leads and connections on LinkedIn won’t give immediate returns. You need to be socially active on this network. You can spend a few minutes daily and participate in discussions and be active in the group and offer feedback to the participants in the group. This all will make you more visible on LinkedIn.

Following all these steps will help you to increase your business connections, find the potential customers and maintain relations to improve the credibility of your organization.

Tell us what you think about these tips. Is there any tactic that has worked well for you in connecting with other members? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

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